equivalence between PCs and Macs?

  imarcus2 09:48 18 Feb 2005

I have a colleague who needs to upgrade his PC from 500Mhz/512MB RAM/20GB to something more modern. He also has a daughter who is going all arty and wants an Apple Mac.

I'm not familiar with Macs. What I need to know is, what is the Mac equivalent of 3GHz / 1GB RAM / 100GB HDD ?

Any advice would be gratefully received

  gedr 10:14 18 Feb 2005

click here
Try this site, you'll get plenty of help.


  imarcus2 17:52 18 Feb 2005

Many thanks gedr -- bit of information overload, but I understand the Mac jargon a bit better now.

An iG5 seems in order for him -- not convinced enough to dump the PC myself after this level of investment. Mind you his PC has never fully recovered from an attack of re-setting up by his brother-in-law a couple of years ago!

  Kate B 18:24 18 Feb 2005

imarcus, unless your colleague made of money he should have a look at the iMacs before shelling out on an all-singing, all-dancing G5 - you'd need to spec up the ram in the basic iMac but apart from that I think they'd probably do the trick.

  imarcus2 20:14 18 Feb 2005

Well, he's less of a pauper than I am!

  gedr 20:29 18 Feb 2005

Whichever you get don't waste money on anti virus, it's not needed.


  Jeffers22 20:32 18 Feb 2005

Mac mini for 399 (add a bit for more RAM) and 150 for a 17 inch tft. I still drool over the imac g4 - a thing of beauty.

  dan11 20:58 18 Feb 2005

imarcus said;

" Well, he's less of a pauper than I am! "

Just remember that most of the PC software will not work on a mac. In most instances you have to buy the mac equivalent.

I can recomend the G4 and the Mac mini. Both excellent every day all rounders, with the right software.;-)

  imarcus2 00:03 19 Feb 2005

Does PhotoShop work on the Mac?

  dan11 09:19 19 Feb 2005

My photoshop 6.01 would not work on the mac. I had to get the mac version.:-(

The new photoshop CS may work, you would have to check that out. Although it is mentioned on system requirements, they may be two versions of that. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:07 19 Feb 2005

'imarcus, Whichever you get don't waste money on anti virus, it's not needed'....Oh really, Mr Jobs and the rest of the Mac crew would seem to disagree, unless you know better of course and I quote, 'The second-most prevalent type of virus, Macro viruses, can attack both Macs and PCs', please discuss......click here


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