Encrypted mac drive corrupted and doesn't boot

  JNDPC 19:04 02 Nov 2015

My MacBook doesn't boot only a folder with a question mark shows up on screen, disk utility everything is greyed out, disk is encrypted and diskutil command doesn't show core storage therefore cannot see uuid, I want to clean the drive please help help help, I've tried everything but I'm locked out

  Macworld 10:30 03 Nov 2015

It means that your Mac can't find the system software - sounds like you tried to clean the drive and wiped it completely.

There's a good tutorial over on Apple's site that should help you fix it:

click here might also be something in our article: 'What to do when your Mac won't start" click here


  JNDPC 11:01 03 Nov 2015

Thanx for the reply, No I never wiped it, it just stalled whilst busy working, I have been through all the tutorials that mention encryption and that it must be decrypted and unlocked as Yosemite does this, a command to give permissions back but needing uuid was the next step as it didn't show up on disk utility was to wipe it as I tried everything to get it to show up on disk utility to repair what ever was corrupted or the problem, I have tried every and all and then decided to shout to the world out there.

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