Emulate XP on Win 2000 machine

  Skippy88 07:28 12 May 2005

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to emulate Win XP on a machine running Win 2000?

A colleague needs to explain things to clients and while he runs Win 2000 they might have Win XP, he would like an emulator so that he can replicate what they are seeing in control panel etc. Is this possible? Can anyone recommend any software???

  Diodorus Siculus 07:54 12 May 2005

click here Virtual PC will do it but it might be cheaper to buy a copy of XP for when it is necessary.

  dan11 08:29 12 May 2005

What you could do is temporarily install XP, you can roll back at any time (you have up to 30days to try) and not loose any files or settings. If you have or can borrow any XP disk, it will cost nothing. It would just take a little time to install.

If the XP disk is inserted when windows is running, you would pick the upgrade path. You must save previous system files ( this is critical )and let it load. As you are running 2000, there should be no problems with drivers or programmes.

On the OOBE screen ( XP Out Of Box Experience ), pick activate later.

Run the programme for the client.

When you are ready to roll back. Go to add and remove programmes > un-install XP.

This will turn the computer back to windows 2000 and all it's settings, before you installed XP.

Bit of a long way round, but it does work.

  DieSse 11:51 12 May 2005

WinXP is a development from Win2000 - so they actually look very similar in a lot of areas.

Since Wi2000 came first, it's thus very unlikely that there would ever be an "emulatro" for XP.

The best long term solution would be to upgrade to XP Pro.

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