Emails not sending in certain locations

  brianrevie 10:21 30 Apr 2018

I have a client who had a problem with their emails. They came into the office and i set them up for him using the correct settings off the server, the emails then worked fine. He took the iphone and ipad home and since then they havent worked. He brought his devices back in and i set them up again and again they worked from the office, he took them away and they stop working... Is there something in the settings which is causing this to happen?

  mgmcc 12:21 30 Apr 2018

The general rule is that to send mail, you must use the SMTP server of the ISP you're connected to the internet with. ISP's implement this restriction to avoid their servers being used to send spam.

When your client leaves the office and the SMTP sever you have set up for him, that server won't allow messages to be sent via a different ISP. Some ISPs support SMTP Authentication where you sign in with a Username & Password, then you can send mail from their server via any internet connection.

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