Emails being put in important papers folder

  Mary Shulby 13:20 22 Jul 2018

I have discovered that I have 5000 emails that I trashed went into my important papers folder as well as in my trashed folder.This is on my IPhone and IPad. Why? How can I prevent this from happening? Do I have to delete each one individually or is there a way to delete everything at one time?

  wiganken2 12:37 23 Jul 2018

This is probably a problem best sorted by showing the problem to someone who knows what they are doing so that they can show you what to do to fix it. Maybe try the shop where you bought the phone from? Trying to sort issues like this using words on a forum could be confusing and complicated. I am not being patronising here. I truly believe that some problems need to be seen to be understood and fixed.

  Mary Shulby 13:30 23 Jul 2018

Thank you! I will try the Appple Store then.

  Forum Editor 15:45 23 Jul 2018

Excellent advice from wiganken2 - someone at the Apple store will very quickly sort this out for you.

Come back to your thread if that doesn't happen, and we'll try to step you through the process.

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