Email stuck in Outbox in MS Outlook on an iMac

  imarcus 19:31 26 May 2017

I use MSOutlook attached to MSOffice for Mac 2011, and I find that a recent e-mail is stuck in 'out box', and I can't clear it because when I poke the 'outbox' icon it onlt displays the outbox contents for about a third of a second before switching back to the main menu. It is not long enough to highlight the miscreant e-mail and delete it. Any suggestions please?


  HondaMan 15:40 27 May 2017

Why are there a number of items in the outbox. Do they not get sent immediately you click on "send"

  imarcus 00:42 28 May 2017

There are 2 e-mails stuck in the outbox, one has 'tt503, invalid recipient', the other reckons there is too much data. MSOutlook outbox, when selected, just displays them for a couple of tenths of a second then closes before I can select a message and delete it. MSOutlook just continually attempts to resend the messages, but fails everytime.

At this juncture I cannot think of any way of interrupting the process.

I have tried rebooting the imac a couple of times to no effect.

  HondaMan 11:15 28 May 2017

If you stop the app attempting to re-send the emails automatically, this should give you enough time to delete them.

  Pine Man 12:37 28 May 2017

Try this

click here

  imarcus 18:25 04 Jun 2017

Pine Man

The advice to switch to 'offline' did the trick -- thanks very much.


  simonjary 06:54 06 Jun 2017

Another option would be to open your email in webmail, and delete from there.

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