eMachines sound - poor

  [DELETED] 19:28 17 Nov 2003

Got an eMachines PC (Curry's/PC World)

Ditched the supplied speakers for Altec Lansing with sub woofer almost straight away.

But the sound is still cr*p

Every setting that I choose through "Sound Effect" (the one where you can choose sound "types" like "Forest", "Arena", "Sewer Pipe" etc, sounds woolly and echoey, and not very loud

Has my PC got an "onboard"/cr*ppy sound set up? (Avance AC97 Audio) or is this a separate sound card. If it's the latter, I'd guess that this is what is useless and getting a new one (betterone) would improve things? If the former, can you still add a separate sound card?

If a new sound card is an option, any suggestions, ideally at non-bank breaking prices?!


  [DELETED] 20:01 17 Nov 2003

My friend had this problem, but I'm not sure if his solution is applicable here. Make sure that the power adapter is connected properly to the speakers, otherwise, the sound is echo-y and not very loud, but still audible. His was an eMachine aswell...

  hugh-265156 20:17 17 Nov 2003

woolly and echoey is what the effects do in most cases its a novelty,dont use them.

try updating your drivers click here

a soundcard will in most cases improve the quality.

small speakers usually do sound a bit tinny though and sometimes the subwoofer is not matched very well to the satellites so you get all high tones from them and wooly flabby bass from and underpowered sub with no midrange to speak off.

try hooking it up to a hi fi.

  [DELETED] 21:32 23 Nov 2003

A friend has just bought a new PC and wants to swap data from his old one to it. The new one is XP and the old is Windows98 (not sure of make/model/spec)

I had the same dilemma a year ago. Tried various cable links with no joy (although it turned out I was trying to do it using a printer cable and this was not a lot of use!) In the end I did most of it using Zip discs as I had an external drive available for both PCs)

My mate hasn't got this luxury (and I only have one now) I could lend him that but 2 is better and besides, the drive is USB which wouldn't be a lot of use on 98(?)

So, is there any tip here? Or is he forced to use floppies (luckily I don't think there's any huge files)


  [DELETED] 21:40 23 Nov 2003

Posted as reply to old topic instead of starting a new one!!

  [DELETED] 17:52 26 Nov 2003

How would you rate the Currys/PC World eMachines package generally? Spec seems OK for the money but I'd appreciate the advice of someone who has actually used this machine.


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