emachines 3220

  LEEDASH 20:29 29 May 2011

Hi all i was given a emachines 3220 pc tower,im a pc amateur so inside look alien to me.I would like to get this up and running,ive noticed there is no hd and there is a ribbon type wire with black type slide connector,er not connected to any thing ?? so has or can i obtain a guide,with pics of course to see what exactly is missing ? thank all

  woodchip 20:57 29 May 2011

The ribbon cable is for the Hard Drive, its a ATA and if you look its not a slide connection but got pin holes on one side this is what connects to the drive. Plus there should be what is called a Moler connection this is a for pin connection socket that powers the drive and only connects one way if you take another look at the ribbon you should see that the ribbon as a red tracer wire on one edge this connect to the Hard Drive with the Red next to the Above power plug. There may be other things wrong with the PC did you get any info about it, you will also need a Operating System CD to load before you can put any software on it to run it.

This is what I would do before going further with the PC. If you know some one who will create a Live Linux CD for you, you can boot and run the PC without a Hard Drive this will tell you if the PC is any good before spending on it.

Free Linux Live CD can be downloaded from hear

You need a Desktop Insulation


Copy and Paste the above into a Browser Address Bar then press enter for the list of Linux Operating System's

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 29 May 2011

PATA hard drive User Manual with fitting instructions click here

Youtube Video here

  LEEDASH 16:58 03 Jun 2011

Hi,can i fit this Hard drive it had a ide connector ?

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