eMachine - Won`t Accept 2 x 256Mb Modules/Upgrade

  Freshman 23:27 10 Jan 2005

Hi All,

I`m fairly new to computers and I`m having trouble upgrading to 512Mb max. on my eMachine 150DVD.

Took out the 128Mb module and replaced with 2 x 256Mb modules...result - nothing except a few bleeps and monitor stays on stand-by.

Do I have to access and adjust anything?

If yes, would you give me step-by-step instructions as I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for your time,


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:29 10 Jan 2005

take them out and carefully reseat them. Memory modules can be a real pain to seat properly.


  Hairy Yeti 23:40 10 Jan 2005

Memory is (normally) a true PnP - no settings required. You could try one module at a time in case you have a duff one.
I assume you have checked compatapility with your M/board.

  topdude 00:47 11 Jan 2005

Could be one of the following :

Wrong type of RAM for your motherboard.

2 x 256meg drawing too much power from your power supply. Try fitting only one module and if it works your power supply may be under powered.

  Freshman 01:06 11 Jan 2005

Hi Again,

This will sound crazy, I know, but when puting in Modules to slots, can it be done with machine on or would I end up with fried fingers? I`m not sure if it`s a very low voltage going through them or 240v.

Also, I`ve tried one at a time and nothing happens except a few bleeps. Someone did say eMachines can be difficult to get replacement modules that suit.



  Gandalph 02:16 11 Jan 2005

Switch it off. Never attempt to plug anything into a machine that is powered on, unless of course it's a USB connection.

  CHAIRLEG 03:16 11 Jan 2005

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