el-capitan recent update on my iMac

  User-C94345C4-D592-4AA7-89B9FA6BE0E7FA3A 13:15 21 Oct 2015

Have got a late 2010 iMac. Have recently updated to el-Capitan , but am wondering how long before my computer becomes to outdated to accept anymore updates? I really don't want to get rid of my desktop has its one of the last Macs to have an inbuilt dvd/cd writer & player. Wondered if there was anyway of getting it rebuilt with newer components , so it's up with the latest Macs ( including if poss retina screen). I know this may be pricey , but anything is better than losing the dvd/cd player.

  Macworld 10:14 22 Oct 2015

El Capitan supports Macs going back to 2008 so you should be fine for a while.

As for upgrading your existing iMac, that's not so simple. Many Macs from about that era had their RAM soldered on, for example, so even that couldn't be updated. And flash/hard drives often used proprietary connectors. You can see if there's anything in this article that helps you with upgrading though: click here

My advice would be that if you do upgrade your iMac you can just purchase a SuperDrive separately. That will give you the CD/DVD drive you are looking for and costs around £60.


Thank you.

  HondaMan 19:58 24 Oct 2015

Any decent external drive will do. Apple do not do a blu-ray drive so I would suggest a Samsung. The one I have will read and write just about anything including blu-ray.

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