eBay bought Used MacBook Pro locked

  blucoop 20:03 11 Oct 2018

Okay so I bought a used MacBook Pro via eBay around 4 months ago . All has been perfect until today when for unknown reason my wife tried to log in to the guest user account ?!?!?

She’s not sure how it happened but now the MacBook only boots to a black screen with a padlock image , and requiring a password .

From the research I’ve done I gather this is a firmware password and can’t be bypassed , I’ve tried holding all the key combinations while booting but nothing works .

So I think I know , I’ll contact the seller. However the transaction is too old and I can’t see any details let alone the sellers eBay I’d.

Does any one have any ideas other than take to Apple shop ( nearest one is 100 odd miles away ).



  blucoop 20:05 11 Oct 2018

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

  BRYNIT 21:58 11 Oct 2018

If it is a firmware password have a read of CLICK HERE

  blucoop 20:32 12 Oct 2018

Thanks guys for the suggestions but no luck unfortunately. The wife took it to Apple and they can’t do anything without the ORIGINAL proof of purchase which is insane considering they confirmed it wasn’t stolen . Without it they want £550 to replace the motherboard ?!?? Again insane . I can’t believe this is the case , surely there is a way around this , I can’t chuck a £700 laptop in the bin.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated:)

  wee eddie 21:29 12 Oct 2018

Did you buy it from its original Owner or from a Third-party?

  HondaMan 12:49 14 Oct 2018

If you recall the news some time back, the FBI took Apple to the Supreme Court tp try and force them to disclose information on a suspects iPhone. Apple takes customer privacy very seriously, so I am not surprised at their attitude.

Is there an Administrator account which you can access? Sometimes these are hidden. How did you pay for it, hopefully Paypal, in which case you PP history will show the transaction but more importantly your vendor's details which MAY help, but as this is almost certainly as the result of something your wife did, sit her down and very calmly get her to go through her actions.

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