E-mails to various machines

  Abel 11:44 23 Dec 2013

I have a desktop machine, a laptop and an iPad. All are connected to my BT Hub and I have only one e-mail address. The question is; should all devices receive the same e-mail simultaneously and if not can anyone explain why not please


  onthelimit1 12:05 23 Dec 2013

A lot depends on who your email client is and how it's configured. For example, if emails are accessed via Outlook, the setup pages include a box to tick to 'leave messages on the server'. If that is ticked, emails can be read from more than one machine. If not, once downloaded they are deleted from the server.

  Woolwell 12:17 23 Dec 2013

The best way to achieve this is to use imap instead of pop. I use imap on desktop, laptop, ipad and smartphone and can see all of the emails both incoming and sent.

  Abel 18:54 23 Dec 2013

Thanks fellas (onthelimit1 and Woolwell). I've managed to find the little box that onghelimit1 refers to and ticked it appropriately. Sorry about the delay in responding, but typically, for me at east, I received no e-mail notifying me of your responzses


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