E-Machines Celeron Upgrade Querey

  NinkyRudes 13:08 19 Jan 2003
  NinkyRudes 13:08 19 Jan 2003

I have a two year old E-Machines C700a. I would like to make it as fast as possible. I have upgraded it to 256Mb of 100Mhz SDRAM, added a PCI (yuck!) Radeon 9000 64Mb, and an LG combo drive. It has a Intel Celeron processor plugged into a Socket 370 motherboard (as far as I know). I believe that these computers run a 66Mhz FSB (frontside bus). The other specs are irrelevant, since I cannot identify the manufacturer of the motherboard. All I can tell you is that it is based around the Intel 810 chipset, with two RAM slots, 3 PCI slots and no AGP (grr!). If anyone can let me know how far I might be capable of improving the processor without replacing the motherboard (I'm a student), I would be eternally grateful. I just wanta couple more fps out of my favourite 3D games, is that too much to ask? My concern is that the 66Mhz bus & socket 370 will restrict the number of Celerons I can go for. Thanks in advance.

  NinkyRudes 13:23 19 Jan 2003

Would I be right in thinking that I can only go as far as 766Mhz befor the FSB has to jump to 100Mhz?

  firstagent 13:28 19 Jan 2003

You could see if the configuration guide here
click here helps.

  NinkyRudes 13:56 19 Jan 2003

I don't really understand the intricacies, but this site appears to offer some sore of adapter for converting Slot 1 to Socket 370. My problem seems to be limited by the bus speed of my motherboard and/ or processor. Acording to Intel's website a Celeron 700Mhz has a multiplier of 10.5, making the core speed 66Mhz. Ideally I could just go out, buy a 1Ghz celeron processor, and replace the 700Mhz one, but I don't think this is possible, even if they are both Socket 370. Sorry if my inexperience is confusing everyone - I'm a first time help seeker!

  NinkyRudes 13:59 19 Jan 2003

I suppose a simpler question would be: has anyone out there ever attempted a Celeron upgrade from 700Mhz? Also, does anyone have any information on what kind of motherboard E-Machines might have used in its E-Tower C700a?

  ellas 14:00 19 Jan 2003

check here click here

  ellas 14:04 19 Jan 2003

dont take this the wrong way but I tried this on a machine with a 700 celeron,found the cost and what I would have in the end not worth it,ended up buying a new one with a agp slot and athlon xp 1800.

  NinkyRudes 21:15 19 Jan 2003

I think you're probably right, I guess that a 700 Celeron just isn't a particularly cost effective processor to upgrade without changing the motherboard as well. Thanks for your help. I'll wait a little while before ticking the 'resolved' box in case anyone else has any other ideas.

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