parkhead 17:50 26 Sep 2008

Hello Wizards,

While working on my computer I got a virus warning from AVAST. Perhaps unwisely, I switched the computer off at the wall. Since then, when I start it up I get the e-machine window, then the Microsoft Window then I get the blue screen saying welcome to Windows. At this stage it offers the impression that everything is normal but then I hear a click and it reverts back to the e-machine window before repeatedly going through the cycle I have described above.

I have all my stuff backed up on a memory stick so there is no problem there. However, I used to occasionally use my restore discs to revert to factory settings whenever I felt the computer was overloaded with nonsense. The last time I tried it the restore discs did not run as normal. I sought advice from you Wizards and was advised to tap F8 while the disc was in and when starting up. This did the trick. However, it is not working on this occasion.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in anticipation of your customary kind assistance.


  baldydave 18:02 26 Sep 2008

Remove disc reboot as pc starts keep pressing f8 pick either last working config or pick safemode then let avast run to clear virus

  parkhead 18:09 26 Sep 2008

Hi baldydave,

Many thanks for that. I think I may have tried last working config but didn't get anywhere. Also, I'm not sure how to make Avast work from safe mode. My preference would be to try to restore to factory settings if this was at all possible.

Thanks again,


  woodchip 18:18 26 Sep 2008

Why not run System restore in Safe Mode?

Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore Dates are Bold go back to before the Virus. As you switched off the Virus may not had time to do its worst

  parkhead 18:23 26 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip,

Thank you for that. When I can get to safe mode it is a black screen and there are no options available to me, for example I cannot even get to show the Start option.

Thanks again,


  woodchip 18:28 26 Sep 2008

Have you tried tapping F5 as it starts?

  skidzy 18:30 26 Sep 2008

E-Machines normally factory reset via tapping F11 at startup where you will see 3 options.

1) Repair windows
2) Reinstall windows saving all settings and data
3) Restore to Factory settings (destructive) all settings and data lost

Or use the recovery discs you would have created when you first got the machine.

Place the recovery disc in the drive and reboot.You may need to change the bios boot order to cd/dvd as first boot device as opposed to the hdd.

  woodchip 18:34 26 Sep 2008

Don't know if you have to pay for these click here

Also click here

Also try tapping F11 when computer is starting

  parkhead 18:46 26 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip and Skidzy,

Thanks very much. I'm at the office right now but you've given me some good ideas for when I get home. I presume I have my recovery discs in when I tap F5 and/or F11.

Is it easy to change the bios boot order?

Many thanks,


  Jak_1 20:48 26 Sep 2008

I have recently bought an E-Machines pc as an emergency replacement for my 64 bit Athlon machine when the mobo gave up the ghost. This machine, a basic e-sata machine with 512 MB Ram and Vista home came with a Vista systems cd and a dvd to make the recovery disk.
Tapping F8 at the E-Machines splash screen should give the safe mode options, also the option to repair the os.

  parkhead 13:03 29 Sep 2008

Hi Jak (and others),

I thought I was on a winner with your advice because you were correct about F8 (which I had forgotten). When the restore discs did not automatically run last time I got them to kick in by tapping F8. Sadly, it is not working this time. The best I can get is a black screen in Safe Mode and access to Task Manager but nothing much from there. No option to activate the restore discs. (Incidentally, what is the E-Machine splash screen?)

Each time I start up now the E-Machine screen appears, then the Windows screen, then the blue 'Welcome to Windows' screen and it looks as everything is good. Then there is a click, it switches off then begins the whole process again and keeps doing this cycle.

I appreciate all your kind efforts to help but it may be that I'm going to have to go to PC World with my wallet!

Kind regards,


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