e machine laptop conflicts?

  moorie- 16:27 03 Apr 2007

Hi ive a budget laptop that works perfectly apart from one issue which is driving me nuts!
The title of the thread may not be the issue but clutching at straws really and would love some support to get to the bottom of it.
The issue is when i have a bluetooth dongle connected at the same time as the power cord it either crashes or bluetooth locks up.
At first i thought it was the driver for the dongle causing the issue but couldnt work out why on battery power it works like a dream,tried two more dongles with different drivers and same result.
The laptop has onboard wifi card but if i disable that by fn+f2 plus disable the wireless connection,the effect on battery power (works faster)but on power lead exactly the same.
So started thinking could it be to do with the usb controller?
looked at usb section in device manager microsoft controller drivers installed,should it be specific? also the dongle appears under standard usb controller but not enhanced if that makes any difference?
How if possible can i pinpoint, why when plugging in power lead this somehow has an effect on the usb ports (only bluetooth)other devices such as printers,mem sticks,game controller are all fine.
There are no irq conflicts or yellow exclamations in device manager

I should also add the main function of the dongle is to hook up my moby to use as a modem for internet access,this is no issue at all on battery power.
Ive also done a back to factory restore still same

the laptop is 6 months old and as said prior works perfectly bar this issue.
Sorry its so long winded but it is really driving me nuts.

  Hackwatch 17:57 03 Apr 2007

Could be the power cable is not shielded enough and it is weakening the signal?

  moorie- 18:17 03 Apr 2007

would this make it crash ie blue screen?

  moorie- 19:37 03 Apr 2007

in event viewer these are the error messages
system error 1003
000000fe parameter 1 00000005 parameter2 82a1b0e0
paameter 3 10de026d parameter4 8295a3a0
and error code 1002 application hang

  moorie- 22:43 03 Apr 2007


  moorie- 01:37 04 Apr 2007

it appears a stick of ram seems to be the issue,ive swapped and tried individually and laptop has been running on one stick for the last couple of hours,with no crashes(touch wood)


any memory experts shed any light on why the laptop functions correctly in every other way bar adding the dongle in combo with the power lead?

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