Downloads freeze harddisc! How to get iCloud files

  konikleca 21:32 04 Mar 2019


i have two probably connected issues with storage on my mac.

firstly - even though i constantly have around 20 GB of 120 free disc space, after downloading even a smallest file (photograph, pdf) the mac suddenly heats up extremely, starts to make loud noise, the warning "disc almost full" or just "disc full" pops up, and when i check the storage, from 20 GB of free space it jumps to almost no or 0 free space. in the worst cases it completely freezes and i end up having to manually switch it off to "restart".

this is what my disc looks like:

36 GB iCloud Drive; 17 GB Documents; 14 GB Apps; 9 GB System; 8 GB Mail; 7 GB iTunes; 1 GB Photos; 6 GB Other Volumes in Container - so that now i have exactly 22,89 GB available of 121,12 GB.

i also have 200 GB iCloud storage, out of which is 135 GB available.

secondly - i thought moving the iCloud Drive content from hard drive onto an external disc might help to free up the space. however, i found out it was impossible as all of the files in the folder (and they are many) are backed up on iCloud, and in order to move them to an external disc, i would first have to download them onto hard drive. hence back to the first issue. moreover, i dont even seem to have enough storage space to do that. i tried to change the download destination instead of the "Downloads" file on hard drive directly to the external disc and download the folder from iCloud web version, and this works, except that one has to download file after file and can't download whole large folder. there is 2 850 items in this folder, which would obviously take me hours and hours of manually downloading each of them. does anyone have other ideas how to solve this? i would greatly appreciate any recommendations. thank u!

about my Mac: MacBook Air, mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6; processor 1,8 GHz Intel Core i5; memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; SSD hard drive 120 GB

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