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Don't know whether to get iPhone X or iPhone XR?

  Beth1818 11:59 29 Nov 2018

Hi, I'm upgrading from the iPhone 5s and am not sure whether to get the discontinued iPhone X or iPhone XR? Would appreciate any opinions.

  Forum Editor 13:33 29 Nov 2018

The iPhone X has a better screen and a dual camera.

The XR has a more powerful processor and is slightly cheaper.

If I had an iPhone X I would not switch to the XR but if I was, like you, considering which one of the two to get I would go for the XR.

  bremner 14:16 29 Nov 2018

Another consideration is the actual screen size.

The XR is 6.1" and the X 5.8" this mean the XR is more difficult to operate one handed if you have small hands.

  simonjary 08:39 01 Dec 2018

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