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Does my mac have a virus?

  Rosesl 19:01 08 Jun 2018

I have a macbook air and I use the Chrome app frequently. In chrome, when a website is loading, messages in the bottom left corner usually pop up saying things like "resolving host" or "waiting for” if that’s the website you’re loading. I’m aware this is normal. What’s been happening in the past few days is that these messages has started saying websites names called something with “ssl gstatic” that are not related to what I’m browsing. My mac has also been working more slowly lately. I’m not getting any pop-up ads or anything, and I haven’t downloaded any weird looking files either. I think the problem goes back to a few days ago when I accidentally clicked on a weird ad which took me to a pop up screen which I immediately closed. Is this a virus and how can I fix it? Will it go away by itself?

  jaritch 20:27 08 Jun 2018

Download free version of malwarebytes and scan your machine. It will pick up any malware. click here

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