Does anyone use "wallet" on iPhone?

  john bunyan 17:34 24 Apr 2017

I have an iPhone 6s . The wallet feature, where you store credit and debit cards looks interesting but what happens if your phone is stolen? It seems a bit vulnerable to me. Do many use it?

  jaritch 06:41 25 Apr 2017

Yes, I use Apple Pay all the time. Interestingly I have discovered in recent days that for eg my local petrol station and Sainsbury supermarket accepted Apple Pay for transactions much larger than £30. Will experiment with more shops.

  Chris1960 13:12 09 May 2017

I use Apple pay all the time - when I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 it was a bit of a nightmare getting the card verified. Had to call the bank and it didn't happen. Apple blamed the bank, the bank blamed Apple. AppleCare were appalling - after a week it verified and I suspect it was a glitch at engineering Apple's end, but support refused flatly to let me know what actually happened! I'm not trying to put you off - it's a good facility when it works although it has made me a bit wary of going through the same process with my Apple Watch.

I also use wallet for flight tickets - saves on carting lots of bits of paper - also works on the Apple watch, but you'd have to take it off to scan the QR Code!

  Dragon091 21:00 13 May 2017

I have an iPhone 6S and use the wallet feature but you have downloaded an application protection program and you have tried it and have a very effective link to download the program click here

  wee eddie 21:37 13 May 2017

So, many use the Wallet, but no one has addressed the OP's question.

What of Security?

  jaritch 08:57 14 May 2017

If your contactless card is stolen then the perpetrator can use it easily until you cancel the card. Get your phone stolen then the person would have to know your passcode to get access to your phone and your fingerprint is needed to use Apple Pay so, in my view, it is more secure if you are going down the contactless route.

  Forum Editor 10:34 14 May 2017

The first thing to be aware of is that none of your credit card details are stored on your phone, or on Apple's servers.

When you set up the wallet, a unique device account number is assigned to the phone. It is encrypted and stored on the phone.

Every transaction has a unique, one-time dynamically assigned transaction number - the three digit security on the back of the card is never used to validate transactions.

It's all very safe. There are flaws in the system - there are flaws in every system - but I am not going to go into that here. The main thing to remember is that if you lose your phone you need to do something about it fast.

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