Do Apple give refurbished computers or old ones to charity?

  Kim-2230982 01:19 20 Dec 2014

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if Apple give old computers or re-furbished ones to charities? We are a small charity working with street children in Latin America and one of our aims is to be able to create a computer lab in one of the houses we are building to house the children. Unfortunately, our funds don't stretch to being able to purchase new computers just yet.

If anyone knows if Apple do offer computers and which department to contact we'd be very grateful.

Many thanks, Kim

  Forum Editor 11:42 20 Dec 2014

I suggest that you contact the Apple Media team and ask for guidance:-

[email protected]

Tel: 020 8278 1440

  wee eddie 21:19 21 Dec 2014

Far be it for me to question your judgement but would it not make more sense to go for Windows based Computers.

Your request is a bit like asking Rolls Royce if they give their Trade-Ins to folk on the Brew.

There are many organisations recycling old Windows PC's and there are a huge number of free programs available that should cover all aspects of computing.

  wee eddie 16:23 23 Dec 2014

I think that you should be considering what Computers the Street Children will be able to access when they leave you.

Apple products are so expensive and unlikely to be available to the Street Children unless they steal them. Also if they are only familiar with Apple's OS then they are going to be hamstrung when they pick up the machines they can afford.

Whereas Windows PCs and Laptops are available second/third/fourth hand at minimal prices and, in terms of Market Penetration, about 50 times as common as Apple machines.

Giving them an introduction to Windows is likely to be much more helpful.

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