Do Any Firms Still Use Telex Machines?

  Big L 266 17:26 19 May 2010


Ever curious about my little world,I was wondering if any firms still use telex machines to communicate with. I ask only because many years ago when I worked in export,I had to use one quite often.

The firm I worked for has long since gone out of business but strangely I recall the number namely 23570 Deeko G.

It was great then to do a 'live' chat with someone long before email and the interwebski came along, or 'write' a message on a reel of 'punched' paper which was then thread through a reader and sent after a connection was established between two telex machines.

Do you ever remember using them?

Thank you.

Big L 266

  Pineman100 18:25 19 May 2010

When I worked for Volvo in the 60's, I can remember sitting at the telex machine and having live chats with my colleagues in Sweden. As you say, it was pretty exciting in those days!

  octal 18:53 19 May 2010

I remember the Telex, but never used one. I do remember very well working in a Naval ComCen with the miles of tape and teleprinters and auto heads, it was a successor to the Defence Teleprinter Network, it wasn't that long ago, in the 1980's and early 90's.

  Forum Editor 18:56 19 May 2010

At one time I was working a great deal in Amsterdam and Paris - flying out each Monday and back on Friday. In between I kept in touch with colleagues in London via Telex, it was great, and very easy.

Remember when the Saturday football results used to come chattering over the line on BBC TV?

Telex is still used in the banking industry because it's extremely difficult to fake a message - each machine identifies itself to the other. They are also installed on ships as a safety measure.

  wiz-king 19:02 19 May 2010

There are still some about, I have one in the loft (dont ask about getting it there!) a Creed 7b if I remember correctly. Good for spies - work over almost any piece of wire - except the clattering would give you away, to say nothing about the chads!

  the hick 19:41 19 May 2010

I was working for a construction firm in Libya in the mid-70's, and the British Embassy, on the edge of the port in nearby Tripoli, allowed us to use their telex for messages to UK. I still recall walking up the dusty steps under the Union Jack, into the cool interior of the building, and being directed to the telex room at the back. I think it was a Data Dynamics machine. Good times! I am hoping to re-visit there on holiday one day.

  morddwyd 20:18 19 May 2010

I've heard lots of complaints about the Indian Civil Service.

I always say "They had the best teachers in the world"!

  octal 21:32 19 May 2010

I think RATT is still used in certain countries, but not British vessels it's gone the same way as morse, anyway, we've dismantled all our HF stations for the Merchant Marine now, it's all via satellite or VHF if they are close to land, haven help them if anything goes wrong with the satellites, there's no backup as all the old operators have been pensioned off who used to work the long range HF stations.

  Bingalau 23:40 19 May 2010

FE. I often think heaven help us, if someone throws a spanner in to the electricity power stations, thereby putting all our computers out of action.

  Forum Editor 23:48 19 May 2010

That would have to be some spanner.

Secure data centres all have back-up power supplies, so web servers and data backups can be independent of the grid in the event of a power outage. Diesel generators kick into action, and as long as there's a fuel supply life goes on.

  Big L 266 09:27 20 May 2010


Oh my,I didn't expect to see so many responses to my old-fashioned thread! I've really enjoyed reading all of your replies but I'm really intrigued by how wiz-king managed to get one stored in a loft! Must have been all that spinach that was eaten when wiz-king was knee-high to a grass-hopper.

If wiz-king took it down from the loft and plugged it in,and there was someone else in here with another working one,would they still communicate with each other and how much would it cost?

Ahh,the days of British Rail Freightliners, India & Millwall Docks, 5 Shed L.I.F.T. at Stratford, pre-booking deliveries at the P.L.A., Lloyds of London Loading Lists and Bills of Lading shops in the City of London....time for my Johnsons Genius Pills I think!

Big L 266

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