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DIY Fusion Drive acting out

  Harvdog47 16:01 29 Jan 2018

I created a DIY Fusion Drive by adding a ssd to my imac and now find it is slowing down dramatically . . . sometimes to a crawl with a catch-up 2 minutes later. Anyone have any ideas. It has been working beautifully for about 2 years.


  Pine Man 16:05 29 Jan 2018

Is it anything to do with High Sierra and the APFS file system being installed in error, which has not been sorted out for fusion drives yet?

  Harvdog47 23:48 30 Jan 2018

Thanks Pine Man. First I hear of this. Any information anyone has on this would be appreciated.


  Pine Man 08:21 31 Jan 2018

Check to see what file system you have and if it is APFS my advice is to restore your system back to Sierra from, hopefully, a back you made before updating. Then I would stick with Sierra until Apple have fixed the problem caused by High Sierra to some Fusion drives.

You could have a look at this and see if it's an option for you: -

click here

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