Dishwasher water won't heat, machine won't stop

  Pineman100 17:00 27 Feb 2011

Our Siemens SF64A630GB/08 dishwasher is playing silly games. Two symptoms:

1. The water isn't heating (it's a cold-feed only machine).

2. It starts its cycle with a pre-wash rinse, empties and then refills for the main wash cycle. It then just runs and runs and runs and..... eventually I end up cancelling the programme with a reset.

I've put my ohm-meter across the terminals of the water heater (it doesn't have a simple element, it's an instantaneous water heater unit - this one: click here). I get open circuit. Obviously this suggests that the heating element inside the heater unit has failed.

But I'm puzzled at the non-stop washing. Does anyone know whether this is normal - if the water doesn't heat up does the machine just keep running indefinitely, waiting for hot water?

Any ideas and opinions will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  961 17:23 27 Feb 2011

I would guess you may be right regarding the machine running while it waits for the water thermostat to reach the right temperature

I suppose you don't have a cold wash programme

If it's more than about 4 years old I'd be inclined to buy new rather than throw money at it

Sometimes you can get good bargains at Argos and Comet auction sites where they sell machines that have been returned for one reason or another

If it's less than 4 years why nor contact Siemens expressing disappointment and ask to speak to a technician who might be able to diagnose the fault

  961 17:31 27 Feb 2011
  Pineman100 17:49 27 Feb 2011

Thanks very much for those thoughts, 961. Ironically, it's almost exactly 4 years old! But I think your idea of contacting Siemens is a good one - I'll do it tomorrow.

The instantaneous water heater costs £100! So I've definitely been turning over in my mind whether it's worth spending that amount on the machine.

Thank you for the link to Comet's auction, which I'll check out.

  Pineman100 18:10 07 Mar 2011

Just in case anyone's interested (and I don't blame you if you aren't!), it turns out to be definitely the water-heater. Without hot water, the temperature sensor is not satisfied, so it just keeps on going and going and going....

Needless to say, I'm not very satisfied myself, either, at the prospect of £100. :o(

  961 19:28 07 Mar 2011

Thanks for taking the trouble. I did wonder

What I would say from my own experience is that if you fix that chances are quite high that something else will go really soon

On more than one occasion a bit of electrical stuff has been replaced only to find that the new all systems go bit has put a proper voltage through the next bit tired bit in the control panel only to find...oh dear!

Buy a new one

  Pineman100 19:50 07 Mar 2011

That's probably good advice, but frankly I don't think we can, just at the moment. So - rightly or wrongly - I'm going to put in a new water heater.

I shall DIY it, so at least I won't have to pay for an engineer.

Thanks again for your help with this.

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