Disc cant enter disc slot

  Malo Paulis 15:13 25 May 2017

Hi. My 2008 macbook pro cant physically accept any cd/dvd.. when I slide a disc into the slot, it stops midway like there's an object in its way. It used to be able to take discs.. Im at my end and not at all handy enough to perform surgery on my macbook. Im in Palau, an island in the western Pacific so going to an authorised Apple dealer or shop is difficult at best.. please help..

Malo P.

  Pine Man 15:16 25 May 2017

Is there another disk left in their by mistake?

Is there hole you can push a pin into to eject stuck disks?

  Blazing_Boy 01:28 26 May 2017

Cannot help much, but are you sure that there is no any object stuck in the inside?

  Jollyjohn 11:59 26 May 2017

How to "Force eject" a disk if there is one stuck in - click here

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