Dictation software or options advice please

  Rufusbadger 09:23 12 Oct 2019

Hi, my wife is an author and is starting to suffer from arthritis which makes typing difficult. We are looking for dictation software that users recommend (or other ideas!). Nuance (Dragon Dictation) is apparently now not available for Mac which is a shame because we used it some years ago. It was good in so far that it could adapt to her accent and add new words not in the default dictionary. The iMac dictation software does not seem to learn for us (or if it does we cannot find out how to enable it). We have had a look using Google, but what we have found so far seem to get 2 stars maximum which does not inspire confidence! So please folks, what if any dictation software do you use that works well, and/or that can take a line-in from a recorder so she can dictate while out and about and convert it to text when she gets home? Thanks for reading.

  john bunyan 10:11 12 Oct 2019

With a Mac I thought that there is built in voice / dictation? See


I think Office 365 also has it

  john bunyan 10:12 12 Oct 2019

With a Mac I thought that there is built in voice / dictation? See


I think Office 365 also has it

  john bunyan 10:12 12 Oct 2019

Sorry for double post

  Rufusbadger 10:42 12 Oct 2019

Hi Thanks for the reply. I did say that we know about the inbuilt dictation, but it does not learn new words or adapt to the accent over time like nuance. I will check your link though incase there is new stuff. I did not know about Word, so I will check that too. Thanks again.

  Rufusbadger 11:55 12 Oct 2019

Hi, It seems that Word on an iMac makes use of the iMacs dictation system. Thanks for the advice though, it was work=th the time to check it out. I can use it on my system, not not so good for my wife unfortunately!

  john bunyan 12:18 12 Oct 2019

My granddaughter uses dictation in Office 365 Word . See

dictation in Word

  Rufusbadger 09:31 13 Oct 2019

John, on my system there is no dictate option on the home menu at all in Word, so I am sot sure what's different on mine compared to your granddaughters' if she uses an iMac as well.

  john bunyan 19:15 13 Oct 2019

The word version with dictation is only, I believe, available in Microsoft Office 365 , a subscription service . Granddaughter has a University Student version. I thought 365 works on windows or Mac?

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