Dialog box driving me insane!

  miunes 02:54 08 Mar 2018

Hi there! I've purchased an application called HandyPrint that basically emulates AirPrint. Thing is: A message pops up constantly and i can't seem to make it stop. I've even uninstalled it and the message keeps popping. I've tried uninstallers like MacBooster, Clean My Mac and App Cleaner but no success.

Is there any way to disable dialog box for a specific application via Terminal? Any other suggestions?

  Govan1x 10:03 08 Mar 2018

I suppose you could try Malwarebytes for a mac.Just in case it downloaded something it should not have.

  Pine Man 11:41 08 Mar 2018

Why not contact the provider?

click here of the page is the support request.


  wee eddie 19:41 08 Mar 2018

It would be helpful to know what this pop-up says

  miunes 01:48 09 Mar 2018

Thanks for answering this post guys.

  • I've runned Malwarebytes and Avast and had 0 threats.
  • Already contacted Netputing twice but still no return from them.
  • Yes. ISP signal is stable and connection is allowed
  • It shows even after uninstalled the application

This is the pop-up:

I know it appears the problem is at their server but i'd like to know if it's possible to disable this kind of dialog box via terminal or something. Regards!

  bremner 09:37 09 Mar 2018

Have a look at this click here

Go to the section on Opening Library. You will see a folder called Application Support. If there is a handyPrint file delete it.

No guarantee but this worked for me with another program.

  miunes 23:15 09 Mar 2018

Dude i think it worked! Thank you! Thank you very much.

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