Designing page by page in Pages

  GoingCrazy 14:40 16 Jul 2017

I have searched everywhere without any luck for answering my issues using Pages. All I want is to design a layout as one and more set pages and then be able to move those around in different orders. I also want to be able to create a new page inbetween what ever pagenumber I prefer. This is really frustrating and I can't belive anyone else haven't had that need.

If the way I have explained my issue is not that clear, I want to explain it in a different way. Let me compare it to making a paper book. After designing each paper with the text and pictures I want to rearraange the order of them before sending the book for printing.

When I try to do this I have to move every single pic or textbox etc one by one up and down. It really must be a nother way to do this?

Using a template I thought it would be easy and just replace the text with my own. When I try to drag one page up or down it suddenly create charters and all Pages in that chapter is going together. Not only that, but the entire layout I made in the other pages gets messed up.

  GoingCrazy 15:01 16 Jul 2017

Please help me with what you can, Thank you :)

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