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design a site for mac in a pc

  Noa Inbar 15:00 15 Jul 2018

Hi there, i i would like to design a website for mac users but i do it in a pc. should i open a document which is x2 size? and double the size of all the elements i create? should a create a retina design?

  wee eddie 18:38 15 Jul 2018

What software are you planning to use.

From your Original Post, I guess that you are not too experienced.

Something WYSIWYG for a start

  Forum Editor 22:49 15 Jul 2018

Designing a site is just the same, whether it's for Mac or Windows users.

  Noa Inbar 08:42 16 Jul 2018

i am using photoshop. and working on a pc. should i open double the size doc? or change the resolution to 144dpi instead of 72?

  Forum Editor 17:06 16 Jul 2018

Have you any previous experience with web design?

It seems from your posts that you probably haven't, in which case I suggest that you take a look at this - you'll find it much easier if you use some dedicated web design software.

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