Dell outlet machine, are they good?

  TomJerry 21:40 08 Jul 2005

I am thinking of buying a PC from Dell Outlet.

I know stuff in Dell Outlet are returned stuff. I have a few questions.

Are they good?

Are they classfied as new PCs?

Anyone have any good / bad experience

  Pooke 21:55 08 Jul 2005

The answer is in support:

Do you have the same rights as you would buying from new?

The same warranty and support?

If the answers to those 2 questions are no, then ask yourself if the money you'll save is worth it, instead of buying brand spanking new.


  Forum Editor 22:36 08 Jul 2005

from an outlet such as this you have the same protection under the sale of goods act as when you buy a new item.

Dell is the world's largest computer manufacturer, and sells between 140,000 and 15,000 computers a day - each day. That's an awful lot of machines, and they sell that number for a good reason; they have established an enviable reputation for reliability. Your computer is likely to be a good buy because of it.

  bfoc 00:21 09 Jul 2005

From Dell outlet on someone elses behalf and you could upgrade the machine to 3 yrs on-site warranty - which I did.

As FE says your legal rights are the same - in my case the item looked totally new.

However do be careful to check that the final price is not the same (or more than) a similar specified machine from the 'main' Dell site. You can sometimes find that there is little or no price difference.

I'd be happy to use Dell outlet again.

  Belatucadrus 00:41 09 Jul 2005

I recently purchased a new laptop from Dell after checking out the Outlet. None of the outlet stuff was anywhere near as good value as their special offers on new kit.

  TomJerry 01:30 09 Jul 2005

I am thinking of getting a Dell Latitude X1 as a toy laptop. 1.1kg, very very light for a 12" lappy. The price is about half in Outlet.

  TomJerry 11:03 09 Jul 2005


  [email protected]@ 14:47 09 Jul 2005

My cousin bought a desktop pc from Dell Outlet a few years ago and he has been delighted with it,still working today.If it's what you want then go for it he says!

  fitcher 16:28 09 Jul 2005

at one time I would not touch a dell .but now its a different story they are right at the top with cutting edge technoligy,, first out with the new type board and case ,and they can obtain the most uptodate processors before they are on public sale .. ,my laptop..well it is a dell ..touch wood ,,its great .my desk tops have all been self built ..but I am thinking those days are over..I cant compete with large companies ,when to make ones own today seems silly .as companies make them so cheap ..ok so you can brag about making your own .but anyone can put a computer together .It means zilch .god have I gone sinical ..

  fitcher 16:29 09 Jul 2005

cinical sorry

  fitcher 16:39 09 Jul 2005

today I have thrown an amega 600 in the dust bin ..dumped a large heavy 17 monitor .given away an old 5oo amd pc ,,, the past has gone ,I have awakend ..selfbuiding is on the verge of extinction finished ..but it was so enjoyable while it lasted ,the cinic

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