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Deleting G Mail Bin and Junk from iPhone 6 s plus

  lion4253 15:11 11 Nov 2019

Used to be that "Edit > Select All" gave the option to "Delete". But now, it seems, I have to select items one by one, and only then "Delete". Very tedious! How do I get back to the former way?

  bremner 17:02 11 Nov 2019

What are the three options at the bottom of the screen after you have selected all?

  lion4253 17:27 11 Nov 2019

When I “select all” the three options are: mark - move- archive - no delete unless selected singly

  bremner 06:55 12 Nov 2019

That is because Gmail is set to archive not delete.

Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > "your Gamil account > Account > Advanced and change Move discarded messages into 'Deleted Mailbox'

  lion4253 11:31 12 Nov 2019

Thanks Bremner — done what you said, but still no “delete” option when I go to Bin > edit > select all . Delete only appears when items are selected one by one

  rardjaink 08:30 14 Nov 2019

posso usare l'italiano or english

  rardjaink 01:29 15 Nov 2019

posso usare l'italiano or english

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