Default way to refer to 'Documents' folder?

  McNewOne 09:15 13 Feb 2018

I know very little about Macs, bear with me !

I'm producing a Windows application that will run under Wine on Macs. The application has file selection dialogs which by default start in the application folder (ie deep inside Wine's folder structure) but I'd like them to start in the Mac's 'Document' folder. I can navigate out to /users/documents to get to the Mac's documents folder but I'm not sure this will always be the right path.

In Windows there are constants such as CSIDLMYDOCUMENTS which can be used with API calls like folder = SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(0, CSIDLMYDOCUMENTS , idList) to always give you the 'My documents' folder, wherever it is

Is there a foolproof way to refer to the 'Documents' folder on a Mac?

  Forum Editor 11:31 13 Feb 2018
  McNewOne 22:33 13 Feb 2018

That seems to be what I was looking for, Thanks

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