Dead Early 13" 2010 Macbook Pro (click noise)

  Trevor Ince 19:02 27 Mar 2019

Hi, my Macbook Pro 13" (early 2010) died and i cannot diagnose the problem. Maybe someone here can help me. I've searched the internet and cannot find an exact replica of my problem. Anyway, here goes...

After pressing the power button there's a single 'click' and then the fan spins up and stays on full speed. Nothing else happens. The screen is absolutely blank. I've tried an SMC reset and that didn't help so i assumed it is hardware related. I removed the hard disc and tested that and that works fine. I get a green light then orange on the charging cable so according to that the logic board is fine too. The 'click' sounds like it's coming from the optical drive (possible?) but i cannot confirm this. The drive is empty and is not pulling in discs which i'm assuming is because the mac hasn't booted up. I cannot see why a bad optical drive would stop the boot up but maybe someone knows better?

Any help would be useful. I really want to try to fix it myself. It's an old model so i don't really want to take it to the Mac Forum. They probably wouldn't touch it anyway.


  HondaMan 19:10 27 Mar 2019

Can you remove or at least disconnect the CD/DVD drive? That may be the cause.

  Trevor Ince 13:57 28 Mar 2019

I just tried it with the optical drive disconnected and still nothing. The click sound did not occur so the optical drive is definitely the cause of that. None the wiser as to why it's not booting though.

  HondaMan 20:37 28 Mar 2019

It's probably trying to read the optical drive prior to the HDD and getting no response simply hangs. Can you start it in safe mode?

  Trevor Ince 14:56 29 Mar 2019

Thanks HondaMan. No, doesn't start up in Safe Mode with/without optical drive connected. Starting to think I may have myself a nice new shiny door-stop.

  bremner 15:10 29 Mar 2019

When you say Safe Mode do you mean you hold down the Optoon key as you start the machine?

  Trevor Ince 16:22 29 Mar 2019

I thought it was shift?

  bremner 17:08 29 Mar 2019


I am sorry I did not even realise I had posted - I was typing and lost data connection before completing or reviewing what I had typed.

Haver you tried the other options - whether the hard drive appears in Start up Manager and looking at whether it appears in Disk Manager through Recovery Mode

  Trevor Ince 17:32 29 Mar 2019

No, holding option does nothing and the recovery mode is not an option as I don't get the Apple startup chime. Time to give up I think. Another one bites the dust.

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