Data transfer between my iPhone 5s and Macbook Pro

  David-2345103 19:04 09 Dec 2015

My iPhone5s does not pair wirelessly with my map. Also,if I post on my iPhone Facebook page it does show on my Facebook page and visa versa.

Why is this? Thank you Dave.

  Macworld 10:57 10 Dec 2015

I think you need to use your Lightning cable to pair your Mac and iPhone, you could use AirDrop but that depends on the age of your Mac and what version of OS X you are running.

  David-2345103 13:24 10 Dec 2015

Hello, Many thanks for this. As you can possibly gather I am not a skilful computer user. I asked because when I use the connector photos automatically open and I can transfer them to my MBP. If I make a calender entry on my MBP it appears in my iPhone calendar. However, if I make an entry in my iPhone calendar it does not appear on my MBP calendar even with the connector in use.Why does it work only one way?

  Macworld 11:00 11 Dec 2015

Your calendar entries should sync up wirelessly between your iPhone and Mac, assuming you have the same settings for each. On your iPhone go to Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendars and click on iCloud. Make sure Calendars is switched on. You can also sync other calendars associated with a separate email host, but it might be a bit more tricky.

On the Mac you need to go to System Preferences > iCloud > and make sure that Calendars it ticked.

Let me know if that fixes the problem.

Incidentally, there is a way to get your photos to sync but it will cost you. You can turn on iCloud Photo Library which will automatically store all your photos in iCloud so you can see them on all your devices. But if your library is huge you may find you need to pay more a month than you are happy paying.

Here's some info about that: click here

  David-2345103 14:29 11 Dec 2015

Hi, Many thanks , this did solve the problem. I purchased more space on iCloud for my photos. On my iPhone in Settings, when I turn iCloud Backup on I get a message saying- Your phone will no longer back up to your computer automatically when you sync with iTunes. What does this mean please?

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