Customising the desktop icons since new update.

  User-C94345C4-D592-4AA7-89B9FA6BE0E7FA3A 13:18 21 Oct 2015

Have just updated from Yosemite to el-capitan. Went to put back all my images that were on my iMac under Yosemite and i find i cannot do it , as it won't allow me to paste.

     Can anyone help me please?
  Macworld 10:10 22 Oct 2015

Do you mean you have done a clean install of El Capitan and you are trying to recover your photos from a back up?

No. I do apologise , as I've have totally mis-lead you with that question as i've left a few essential words out. When i had yosemite , my desktop icons were customised with images chosen by myself ,now i have el-capitan , i have tried to do the same and it will not allow me. Again i do apologise for mis-leading you with the first question.

  Macworld 10:17 26 Oct 2015

It still works in the same way for me.

Say you have a folder on your desk top, right click on it and open up the Get Info window. Find an image you like, I usually open it in Preview and cmd-c to copy it. Then go back to the Get Info window and select the folder icon at the top (the smaller one) and cmd-v to paste it.

Does that solve the problem, for now at least. It must be frustrating that all the icons changed though!

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