Could not rowse machine from stand-by

  nethy 09:50 11 Aug 2003

I left the machine for 15 minutes and it went into stand-by mode, as it usually does, and the screen was blank.
When I tried to fire it up again it was no go.
No combination of key taps could rowse it (power was OK). In the end I and to switch off at mains which was obviously unsatisfactory.
I've switched back on and it is working fine but has left me feeling unsettled. There is a history of problems with this machine.Is a hard disk failure imminent?

  xania 10:20 11 Aug 2003

No - this is a common problem with some mobos which do not react to the wake up command. The best thing to do is to switch off sleep mode. Right click anywhere on the desktop to get up your display properties, then select the screen saver tab. Click the <Power> button and set all the options to <Never>.

  nethy 10:47 11 Aug 2003

Thanks Xania, advice take

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