copy music from iTunes to iPhone

  Yimbo 11:03 14 Jan 2019

I want to copy 20 - 30 tunes (NOT my entire library) from iTunes to my iPhone 6s plus. Any help, lease?

  john bunyan 12:25 14 Jan 2019

In I tunes on PC, click on music, click on songs. On the right, click in the space at the bottom of the library. Crete Playlist (call it something like Yimbos playlist.) Then drag and drop the 20 - 30 songs you want in to it (These are not duplicated) Then , in I Tunes, edit, Preferences, Devices, tick the box that says "Prevent IPods etc from synching automatically." Save . Then attach your phone and in options to synch, "tell" it to synch only the Yimbo playlist. I have not done this bit for a few days so you'll have to fiddle to get this right.

  Yimbo 12:34 14 Jan 2019

Thank you, John Bunyan, for your very precise and helpful response. I'm sure this will resolve my issue.

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