Convert Mac Font to PC

  GrahamP 19:53 09 Nov 2003

I'm trying to use TransMac and CrossFont to convert the Trade Gothic font from a CD written on a Mac.

I can see the Mac files via Explorer but they show 0 bytes. In the Mac window in TransMac, however they don't show up at all.

The end result is to get a usable version of the font on the PC - tonight.

Can anyone advise on using this method or suggest another method?


  DieSse 21:28 09 Nov 2003

Free download ? click here

  DieSse 21:32 09 Nov 2003

Seems like it's not as free as might have been implied - however even paying for it may be better than not getting it!!

  GrahamP 22:16 19 Nov 2003

Thanks DieSse.

There seemed to be a fairly universal charge of $20 for the one I wanted.

I was helping out a friend who is a graphic artist and after coming up blank on both the conversion effort and a free download I dug a little more deeply into the project. I found out the font is the house style of a local theatre and they were ultimately funding the project. It also turned out not to be as urgent as I thought.

End result. She got the theatre to send a good copy by e-mail the following day.

It also transpired the original was in pc format but hadn't been properly exported hence the 0 bytes and the reason I couldn't see it in the Mac window under TransMac.

Sometimes it's not that the answer is difficult, it's just that we're asking the wrong question.

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