Connecting my emachine M5122 to my new LG 32" LCD

  cheeseandpickles 11:43 10 Jun 2008

I know this is quite a common topic of connecting a laptop to a new tv but i'm having trouble and have bought about new cables non of which i can get to work. I've followed advice from a few help topics on here alreay and i'm not getting anywhere. I have a wireless keyboard ready to go and would like to run my laptop completely through my new tv, sound and video. My laptop is quite old with only a 15pin RGB output at the back, the TV is brand new with all the modern outputs.
I have bought an RGB to RGB cable that didn't seem to do anything and then after further research bought an VGA to 3RCA component cable and i can't get that to do anything either.
Any ideas please!!!!???
Laptop is emachine M5122
Graphics card i think is Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME?? That make sense? If not how do i find it?
PLEASE HELP! TV cost me money and i want to connect it all up and get it working!

  Ditch999 12:56 10 Jun 2008

The VGA to 3RCA component cable should work but that will only give you picture. You will also need an audio cable, possibly a 3.5mm jack to plug in to the headphone/line out socket of the laptop, leading to a 2 RCA (yellow and white) connector to plug in to the TV.
In the laptop you need to change the output to the VGA socket. This should be described in your manual but could be a key, or combination of keys, on the keyboard which may have a monitor symbol, possibly in blue (something like Alt+F10)

  ambra4 13:06 10 Jun 2008

Have you read the manual at all go to Page 26 in the manual

Modem day equipment require you to at lease read the manual before you connect any external

equipment and just not say I know how to do this.



This TV provides Plug and Play capability, meaning that the PC adjusts automatically to the TV's settings.

Turn on the TV

Select RGB / PC input source by using the INPUT button on the remote control.

Turn on the Laptop

Connect the D-sub 15pin cable from the monitor the blue connector to the TV RGB / PC input

Locate the “CRT/LCD” key look at the top of keyboard “F” keys and the “FN” key (Function)

Hold down the FN key and press the CRT/LCD key once

Display will change as follows

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

Set to both laptop and external display until you have the setting that you require

Depending in the size of the monitor you will have to adjust the screen resolution on the TV and the

laptop to show the beat picture right click on laptop desktop-properties-setting

  cheeseandpickles 15:40 10 Jun 2008

Ambra4, thanks for the help, i did know what i was supposed to be doing but the key piece of information you gave me which has got me up and running was that i needed to change the resolution. I now have the picture just need a cable which i presume will go from my laptops headphone output to the audio input on the tv.

Ditch999 thanks for the fast reply, i've gone with the RGB cable though because for some reason i can't get the RCA one to work at all, which is annoying as now i have the picture with the RGB cable and i don't have the correct audio cable which i did have one for if the RCA component would work!

Too many cables, thanks for the help.

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