Connect PC to a Mac to share Broadband?

  [DELETED] 19:17 17 Nov 2003


Anyone help?

I have a Mac (OS9) using ADSL Broadband (Pipex). Is there a simple way to connect a PC (Windows XP) to use the same Broadband as well.

Please remember, I'm a PC novice, so full explanation needed – hardware requirements, software requirements and configurations, etc.


  hugh-265156 17:37 18 Nov 2003

im sure there is a way you can do this,but i dont know how to.

sombody more knowledgeable will be able to help you


  recap 18:29 18 Nov 2003

click here for a full explanation on how to network a Mac with a Windows based system.

  [DELETED] 13:40 19 Nov 2003

What modem you using USB or LAN?
My modem has a LAN connection, connected to a HUB and my Mac and PC's connected to the HUB, no problem...

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