Compact Washing Machine

  interzone55 16:48 08 Mar 2010

I've recently moved into a rented house and the worktops are lower than normal, a shade over 84cm, and due to the sloping wall, between 52 & 54cm deep

I've looked all over the place for a washing machine and the only one I've found that will definitely fit (apart from rubbish caravan models) is a Zanussi ZWC1300 which is over £450.

Does anyone know of a compact washing machine that will fit that doesn't cost an arm & a leg, or should I ask the landlord if I can raise the worktop a little bit on this side of the kitchen...

  BRYNIT 17:44 08 Mar 2010

Ask the landlord you've go nothing to loose.

can you not put the washing machine elsewhere?

  interzone55 08:37 09 Mar 2010

I'm afraid I can't, the kitchen is tiny and this means I've already had to install the fridge-freezer in the dining room.

There's no plumbing outside either, so I can't put it in the shed.

  Shuffty 18:06 09 Mar 2010

If you intend to rent long term your best option is to raise the worktop subject to cost and getting permission,it looks like you would only need to raise it about an inch,it then gives you plenty of choices when looking at washing machines just give BEKO a wide berth.

the one you looked at can be seen on this website
£372 inc vat

click here

  Woolwell 18:48 09 Mar 2010

Your problem is likely to be depth. If you could get the fittings for an integrated on you would find that you wouldn't have enough depth.
This freestanding one should be ok for height click here
but I've no idea how good it is.

  Woolwell 18:54 09 Mar 2010

Just found this site click here which gives reviews for washing machines 67 to 84 cm in height.

  Woolwell 18:58 09 Mar 2010

The Candy GO482 is available at under £300.

  Miké 20:03 09 Mar 2010

click here 847mm high x 440mm deep, also bear in mind that Bosch do a height reduction kit (this is basically a metal plate to fit instead of the raised top) for most models.

Interest declared, link above to my employers site.

  interzone55 08:56 10 Mar 2010

Interesting you mention giving BEKO a wide berth, they seem to be widely sold and get reasonable reviews.

Do you have any first hand experience?

I ask because I've just been advised by a local installer that a BEKO 5100 used to sit under the worktop nicely once the lid was removed, he knows because he fitted one for the last but one tenant...

  Shuffty 09:47 10 Mar 2010


yes I have a BEKO which is 14 months old and have had the engineers out to it 3 times,we purchased it from currys and they had an offer on 3 years warranty for £20 and am i glad

I you want any advice on white goods spare parts how to fit and where to obtain register on this forum
click here

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