comodo time machine

  sid 09:34 24 Mar 2010

hi all has anyone out there tried comodo time machine and if so is it as good as it says.

  rawprawn 10:14 24 Mar 2010

click here
I tested it and found it very good, however after the last post I made in this thread I had problems, although I am not certain they were caused by CTM I uninstalled it.

  sid 10:29 24 Mar 2010

thanks for the feedback rawprawn. it sounds very much like norton goback from what ive read which i have used inthe past but a free download makes it cheap software.

  rawprawn 11:56 24 Mar 2010

It's worth a try, but make sure you have a standard restore point, or better still a full backup before you start.
I must say I quite liked it, and I am not sure that it was the cause of my problems but I have Acronis Nonstop Backup so I haven't tried it again.

  cocteau48 12:40 24 Mar 2010

I had major issues with this program.
It installed and ran OK buy I decided that it was not for me so,rather than uninstall,which in hindsight I should have done,I just used Acronis to wind the clock back a couple of hours.

System would not reboot,in normal or safe mode or off the Acronis boot disk, - "hal.dll missing or corrupt" ...... and I had to reinstall Windows in order to get my Acronis to restore its image file.

CTM obviously makes major changes to the booting of the system and I would hope that running the programs own uninstaller would reverse those changes.

  orsta 13:17 24 Mar 2010

Despite my enthusiasticnerss in Rawprawn's link, I have had to un-installer it from my vista based machine. It caused lots of problems when resetting the baseline. Had to resort to backup to restore my machine.

That said, on my XP machine it is running like a charm.

I would take Rawprawn's advice and do a backup first, then try it out. You can always restore your backup afterwards if things go pear shaped.

I understand it is best to un-install it from the flash screen at system startup.

You can allways seek advice here. click here


  sid 14:41 24 Mar 2010

Thanx all for your response may give it a go on my xp machine

  rawprawn 17:22 24 Mar 2010

It does warn you to use Comodo to take you back to it's initial installation point.

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