coffee machines & bean grinders

  sunny staines 15:43 31 Dec 2007

I'm looking at treating myself to a coffee machine with its own coffee bean grinder [delonghi magnifica 3200]. Any readers here connoisseurs of coffee can advise me on the difference of various grind settings on the effect of the coffee please as there are about twelve different settings.

  wiz-king 15:58 31 Dec 2007

The finer the better but it depends on the method of making the finished beverage. If you are percolating it it need to be a fairly coarse grind otherwise it will go through the holes and your coffee will be full of grouts!

  Quickbeam 16:03 31 Dec 2007

Don't know about the settings, but coffee from freshly ground beans has more far flavour than the ready ground packets. I use the ready ground and after a few days opened the flavour losses it's edge a little.

I have a sister near Milan and a cousin in Rome, both are terrible coffee connoisseurs. I darn't make them one. I use paper filters and get castigated for that!

Anyway they both drink the strong espresso type and say you must only make one cup from each grind shot. Just Like virgin olive oil, if you try to make a second one from the same grind, it's very bitter.

  interzone55 17:00 31 Dec 2007

To help the coffe keeps it's flavour after grinding, put it in an airtight container and store it in the freezer. It'll keep it's flavour much longer that way.

As for grind settings, for espresso use the finest setting, for filter & cafetiere use a medium setting and for percolators use a course grind.

  sunny staines 18:14 31 Dec 2007

will be using for black espresso.
thanks for the advice i will go for the fine settings when i get the machine.

  sunny staines 09:34 01 Jan 2008

thanks everyone for adding tips to the thread.

  Forum Editor 10:51 01 Jan 2008

is that the greater the surface area of coffee that is exposed to the water, the faster the flavour will get into it, so finer settings produce a more rapid infusion.

  sunny staines 11:09 01 Jan 2008

f e

thanks, looking forward to getting the machine.

an interesting documentry video called "black gold" about the production of coffee about hour long click here

a worthwhile film for coffee fans.

  Proclaimer 20:51 01 Jan 2008

it will scortch the grounds as it grinds and the coffee will taste yeuk!

  sunny staines 20:56 01 Jan 2008


thanks for that i will go into the store and taste some samples from the machine tomorrow its demonstration day.

  anchor 13:00 02 Jan 2008

I recall many years ago, the coffee buyer of Lyons, (who used to be a major supplier of tea and coffee), recommended that any ground coffee should be stored, well sealed, in a freezer.

This would help to retain the subtle flavours.

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