Cloning question re recovery partition

  mickjn 14:26 26 Jan 2017

If I clone my mac hdd to a ssd is the recovery partion cloned? Sorry very new to a mac

  Pine Man 17:07 26 Jan 2017

What program will you use to clone it?

I use Carbon Copy Cloner and that asks if you want the recovery partition cloned as well when you come to the end of the cloning process.

You only need it if you are going to use the new drive as a replacement drive.

Up until now I only use the program to create a back up, which you can actually boot from without the recovery partition but it's very slow.

  mickjn 17:47 26 Jan 2017


  mickjn 17:49 26 Jan 2017

I have another question why do mapped nw drives disappear and I have to remap then after every boot?

  Pine Man 18:47 26 Jan 2017

Sorry - haven't got a clue:-(

  Burn-it 19:59 27 Jan 2017

You have to tell it to remember the mapping after a reboot!

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