click on files Automactically Resets

  Sunny-275842 00:19 25 Nov 2003

i have a friend who has Win98 SE, and has recent bought a new PC.

the problem is that when he is running his PC, he clicks on something and anytime, it will Randomly restart itself. it seems strange.

im thinking and told him it could be the following things:

Power Supply - Dodgy PSU
CPU - Overheating

he thinks it might be IE6, but i dont think it is.

any ideas would be great, thanks to anyone in advance

  MichelleC 09:40 25 Nov 2003

If it's not hardware related it'd worth doing an online av scan at Housecall click here

  Sunny-275842 08:28 26 Nov 2003


  Jester2K II 08:29 26 Nov 2003

Take it back under warranty.

  Sunny-275842 15:52 26 Nov 2003

the thing is, he bought it from one of those crappy PC shops not a proper retailer, hes already taken it back and the people in the shop built the machines themselfs, and probably followed a "step by step guide" on how to build a PC.

he said they didnt have a clue what they was talking about, and they said something was wrong before, and when he took it home it was the ATA cable that wasnt plugged into the CD-RW.

i suggested him to upgrade to XP or some sort, and check out his CPU if it is overheating, or the PSU

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