Changing log on details on Iphone

  davecartman 08:17 27 Apr 2017

Hi, my wife recently changed her Email address due to Orange closing down. We changed the log on details ( Email address ) on all her usual sites including itunes. She can log on to itunes and her ipad which she synced with itunes but her iphone which she also synced asks her to log on each time she uses it but the log on id shown is her old email address and we cannot find a way to change this. Can anyone explain in simple terms please as our tech knowledge is limited.

  Forum Editor 17:07 27 Apr 2017

To save me typing a long response, I suggest that you take a look at this.

Post back here if you get stuck, and one of us will help you through it.

  davecartman 08:33 28 Apr 2017

The box which comes when she opens the phone says ' sign in to iTunes store. Enter the password for your Apple ID ' there then follows her old email address which cannot be changed on the screen and a space for the password. On entering her apple password a message appears saying ' could not sign in apple ID or password is incorrect ' This happens both when the phone is connected to her laptop and when she is logged into iTunes store and when the phone is disconnected. As you can no doubt guess I am not familiar with any apple products and cannot help her out with this. She has no problems logging in to itunes store on her laptop using her new ID ( email address ) and currant password. Hope this explains what we are trying to do.

  davecartman 08:36 28 Apr 2017

Should have said I am reluctant to try to do anything until I understand more in case I make it worse.

  davecartman 12:45 28 Apr 2017

Thank you Mr OLED, apologies for my inability to follow simple instructions but following your link I seem to have sorted things out. Thanks again.

  Govan1x 11:53 02 May 2017

Do not click on apple help phone number that is underlined it is not safe.

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