Changed password for hotmail, macbook won't accept

  Cattenmatten 13:35 14 Aug 2018

Hi. I reccently changed my password for my hotmail account. I did it from my iPhone. Now, when I try to log in via the "mail-icon" on my macbook with the new password, it says that it doesn't recognise the account or password.??

  mgmcc 09:04 15 Aug 2018

Make sure you have deleted the old password in the Mail application and also in Keychain. You should then be prompted to enter the new password when you open the Mail program.

  Cattenmatten 14:00 15 Aug 2018

Hi. How do I delete it in the mail application. I'm almost sure, I deleted it in the keychain. Thank you for helping

  mgmcc 11:58 18 Aug 2018

In Mail's menus, go to Mail > Preferences, select the Accounts tab and then Server Settings where you can delete the wrong password and enter the updated one.

  Cattenmatten 12:41 18 Aug 2018

Sorry. When I do that it replies: Can not confirm Account name or password �/p>

  mgmcc 08:24 19 Aug 2018

Provided you haven't downloaded all of your mail so that it is no longer available on the server (i.e. using POP3) you could try deleting the account and then setting it up again from scratch.

  Cattenmatten 10:14 19 Aug 2018

thank you mcmcc :-)

  Watchman123 14:31 24 Aug 2018

I had this problem with my iphone and had to delete my mail account and start again.... It just would not accept my password, it was so frustrating!

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