Change from Macro Flash to HTLM

  User-324448 17:27 14 Mar 2006

I have never entered this field before and the only web site I have ever made was a freeby by either Yahoo or Wanadoo. But I have been asked if its possible to convert one already made using Macromedia-Flash into one using HTML. I hope this makes sense to you, The reason for this is that the page was made for a client (not by myself) who will not accept it in this form,I think I may be in out of my depth here, Prof

  Forum Editor 19:01 14 Mar 2006

and a site that's designed entirely in Flash is a pain to update or alter - other than by editing the Flash file or files.

If I am faced with the task of converting a Flash site to an entirely HTML site (and I have done it on several occasions) I find it far easier - and faster in the long run - to start from scratch. It's not that difficult to duplicate the same 'feel' in terms of colour and graphic content, and of course the text is a walk in the park.

If you have no previous experience of web design I think it's fais to say that you might be out of your depth with this, but of course we'll help as much as we can.

  User-324448 09:06 15 Mar 2006

As usual the people on the PC Adviser site have given me good advice, The pages I need to change are viewable at click here Engineering . Co or is it Com? But I have all the text and photos on CD the whole thing is registered and I will be back on my computer this evening, As you both say I may well be in well out of my depth, Oh! the red swim suit is not a problem it could be removed for all I care, just an ankle at my age would be acceptable. Prof

  User-324448 09:10 15 Mar 2006
  User-324448 18:27 15 Mar 2006

I can get all the text and photos for the site in, I think, a raw state, then damn it Im going to have a go, I am not sure why the client refused it in Macro Flash, they are though a massive employer and Powy's Engineering is tiny by their side, to my untrained eye its all very messy and err, flash. I could well be back to pester you when I have more info and perhaps a little more understanding, I cannot get the CDs until the weekend. very many thanks, youve made a greybeard almost happy. Prof

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