change date no impact on file location in PHOTOS

  sam.verhoeve 12:21 22 Dec 2015

when I change the date of a picture in PHOTOS, this had no impact on the location where the master file of this picture is stored.

Does anybody know a way to change locations automatically when you change dates of pictures?

You can verify that when you use "show package contents" for the photos library in Finder.

example a picture taken today and imported in PHOTOS is stored in this folder "NAS/photo/Photo-library-Sam.photoslibrary/Masters/2015/12/22"

after changing the date of this picture to 2020/12/22, the master file remains in the same folder and no new folder "NAS/photo/Photo-library-Sam.photoslibrary/Masters/2020/12/22" is created.

In iTunes media files can be stored in folders and subfolders 100% as you can see them in iTunes, meaning that changing a song title, album or artist, will change the folder name and/structure too. But Photos and iTunes don't deal with libraries in the same way.

I hope to find a way to have my folder stucture following the changing of dates of pictures, as this will make it more convenient when other applications (for example NAS photo station) want to access the same pictures.

Can anybody help me?

  Macworld 12:03 04 Jan 2016

We have a tutorial that covers Photos for Mac, it includes batch changing dates. Wonder if it's any help to you?

click here

  sam.verhoeve 15:28 13 Jan 2016

Dear @Macworld,

although I appreciate your good tutorial, it's not helping me with this issue, as it contains no info on the way Photos is managing the folder structure on your local drive..

  Macworld 12:16 14 Jan 2016

Ah, I see what you were getting at the first time... I don't think Photos can change things like that... Perhaps Photos isn't the app for you if you are looking for a filing system for your photos. It's more of a viewing tool for consumers. We would have recommended Aperture in the past but that is no more, maybe something like Adobe Lightroom would be better for you?

  sam.verhoeve 17:25 14 Jan 2016


I use Photos both as my viewing tool for my pictures, as a tool for simple editing and as a filing system (organising albums, ...) and I like it.

but when I want to do something with your pictures outside the "Apple environment", I clash with the way Photos is saving pictures on your drive.

I do not understand why Apple uses two different approaches for music files and picture files and I fear that they will change the way iTunes is organised and adopt the same approach Apple is already using for Photos. I hope I'm wrong, as I like the way iTunes is organised now.

  Macworld 11:40 15 Jan 2016

I think it's because when you make edits in Photos rather than actually changing the originals, it just tags the new settings on to the photo. So you can always go back to the original. And this means that it won't just change the date the file was saved because that's changing the original...

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