Cash machines and what do you do when no money comes out.

  bumpkin 22:38 30 Jan 2013

I am interested to know what others have done in these circumstances and how it was resolved. In my case I put my card into a machine at a Tesco garage entered £200 to take out, It processed the transaction and said wait for your money but it never came. How long does one wait? after about 5mins I decided to go into the shop accepting the risk it may come out 10 seconds later and be taken by someone else. There was a security van on the forecourt so I asked the manager if I could speak to one of the security guys. I was told no in no uncertain terms. One of them happened to walk back to the van so I asked him whats wrong with this machine and explained what had happened. It transgressed that they had opened the back of the machine after I had entered the code but before the money came out. The money was not taken from my account but I am curious as to whether other members have had similar experiences or what they would do.

  lotvic 22:43 30 Jan 2013

I would panic as have no idea what to do in that circumstance. Perhaps it's time to ask the Banks what the correct procedure is?

  bumpkin 22:48 30 Jan 2013

"Ask the banks" they won't care will say it is your fault.

  SillBill 22:55 30 Jan 2013


The Banks' normal response is "Our machines are infallible, you must be mistaken"

Seriously, it should NEVER take more than about 30 seconds for the notes to be ejected, so you were seriously patient when waiting for 5 minutes!

  BRYNIT 22:58 30 Jan 2013

Most people these days would have a Mobile phone.

On the back of the card you will find a help line number. I would phone and report the problem to make sure the amount had not been debited from my accoount.

  BRYNIT 23:00 30 Jan 2013

Must check spelling before posting it should say account and not accoount.

  Forum Editor 23:04 30 Jan 2013

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  Aitchbee 23:11 30 Jan 2013

I've encountered a similar situation at my local ATM. After going through the whole procedure to take out money... my card would pop-out, with no money. On checking my balance later at another local ATM, the balance is as it should be.

PS. I wrote a computer program in PASCAL about 20 years ago very similar to the ATM's now operating in today's 'holes in the wall' - some of the adverts that are now displayed for topping up your mobile etc are a distraction, and are undesireable when all you want is 'dosh'.

  Forum Editor 23:39 30 Jan 2013


The vast majority of today's ATMs run on good old Microsoft Windows.

  bumpkin 23:41 30 Jan 2013

adverts adverts everywhere but that is what pays for some of the things we expect.

  spuds 00:17 31 Jan 2013

I had a similar card in, no cash out incident with an ATM at the local Asda superstore a few years ago. Asda didn't want to know, but Barclays soon confirmed that no money had been given, so no money had been taken out of my account. Would add, that at the time directly after the incident, I tried another ATM nearby for a statement print-out, and that showed the previous balance, but I was still concerned about any delays or adjustments, hence a further check with Barclays.

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