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Cant stop connecting to stranger's apple tv

  twentiethavenue 03:33 29 Apr 2019

Hello, I was gonna clean my screen but I accidentally clicked on someone's Apple TV in my dorm and now my phone keeps trying to connect it, I don't really know how an Apple TV works or tbh I dont even know what it is completely but I'm scared of accidentally casting my photos/texts to this random stranger. Is there any way to stop my phone from trying to pair with that device? I tried turning it off and on again but it automatically tried to connect to the apple tv again :(

It used to say: "tap to connect" but now it keeps trying to connect and even if I make it fail somehow it starts trying to connect again and again (happens in both control center & the music app) even shows me a little "connecting" icon on control center

  john bunyan 07:38 29 Apr 2019

Assuming you have an iPhone, (you don’t say) then in settings , wi fi ,turn off “Ask to join networks”. You can still connect to wi fi and it will remember your usual wi fi spots.

  twentiethavenue 11:25 29 Apr 2019

I tried both of you guy's suggestion but the wifi thing didnt change anything and iphone is already selected, it still tries to connect the apple tv no matter what I choose

  john bunyan 17:08 29 Apr 2019

Can you check your router to see if someone with an Apple TV has somehow got access. On phone, swipe up to get control centre and turn off screen mirroring if on.

  john bunyan 17:17 29 Apr 2019

Also see u tube


  john bunyan 18:03 29 Apr 2019


Do I have an iPhone? Yes, a 6s with iOS 12.2. Or are you asking the OP?

  twentiethavenue 18:10 29 Apr 2019

Kevin, yes the link you posted is my problem, and since I don't have access to this random stranger's apple tv nor control anything about the internet (I live in a dorm) I think I'm stuck with it aswell :/ It's stuck at "connecting" so I'm hoping it won't succeed in the middle of the night without me knowing and stream stuff to this guy :P

  bremner 08:54 30 Apr 2019

The phone is not trying to connect to it, it is simply giving you the opportunity to connect to it should you wish to do so.

I often get the option to connect in the same way i.e. screen mirroring, to the TV in my room at a hotel when connected to their wifi.

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